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DNA/Genetics (PGX)

Pharmacogenomics is the branch of pharmacology, which deals with the influence of genetic variation on drug response in patients by correlating gene expression or single-nucleotide polymorphisms with a drug’s efficacy or toxicity.

Pharmacogenetic testing refers to a type of genetic test to predict a patient's likelihood to experience an adverse event or not respond to a given drug. Personalized medicine is sometimes viewed as simple pharmacogenetic testing or the use of genetic variability to understand individual responses to medications.

What is the Pharmacogenomics?

Each patient responds differently to prescription medications. Our tests allows your doctor to deliver a comprehensive report to help manage your medications based on your personal genetic makeup. Choosing medications that are best suited for you, rather than experimenting with medications which could result in side effects or drug on drug interactions. At Healthy Plus, our contracted labs utilize the latest genotype technology coupled with cutting edge clinical team to deliver on our belief. “Right Medication, Right Dose, Decreased Side Effects.”

Why PGX testing?

Currently in doctor’s offices all over the world, patients are given medications that either don’t work or have severe side effects. Often, a patient must return to their doctor over and over again until the doctor can find a drug that is right for them. PGX testing offers a very appealing alternative.

Imagine a day when you go into your doctor’s office and, after a simple and rapid saliva test of your DNA, your doctor changes his/her mind about a drug considered for you because your genetic test indicates that you could suffer a severe negative reaction to the medication. However, upon further examination of your test results, your doctor finds that you would benefit greatly from a new drug on the market, and there would be little likelihood that you would react negatively to it. This day has come. Welcome to PGX testing.

Benefits of PGX testing:

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DNA / Genetics (PGX)

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