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Healthy Plus Services

Engagement Center Offerings

Our job is to assist your organization in scheduling your Medicare population in completing their required Annual Wellness Visit.  Many practices are completing AWV in a variety of ways but with our solution we assist in call engagement, compliance reports in real time and enhancing the patients follow up care.  Our software solution covers 350 plus data points to help the care physician assist in the follow up actions to give the patient the best possible care he or she deserves.  

Once the AWV screen is completed we can fulfill “closing the loop” by following through with the engagement for the follow up visits discovered by the AWV for increased patient care.

Annual Wellness Visit Engagement

We will work with your organization to establish who your major insurance carriers’ are and we work with them directly to maximize preventative care visit. Our common goal is to keep patients more engaged. We have regularly been able to increase preventative care participation 60%-85%. Our goal is to fulfill the communication gaps that can be very prevalent within your organization.  

Our software solution covers 350 plus data points that are customized to capture the data your organization is looking to discover. We continue to Risk Stratify your patients to enable to more complete understanding of your complete population.

Commercial Insurance Wellness Engagement

The goal of healthcare is to formulation care opportunities and continue to Close the “Loop” in care. This can be ideal for prescription active patients which our call center initiates communication from Certified Medical Assistants and Nurses who can assess information and push that information to the provider for updates to the patient’s history.  

There are numerous opportunities for engagement for patient gaps. From simple flu shot engagement to high heart risk patients. The goal is to allow your organization to utilize the our engagement to fill all your needs.

Closed “Loop” Engagement

We offer this service for the for the Medicare population as well as the commercial population.  Our Risk Stratification tool is a unique way to enhance the assessment of their entire patient population.  This is also a way to keep consistent with MACRA legislation as these patients will be places in three categories, High Risk, Moderate Risk and Low Risk.  Thus, enhancing the “value based” care model’s physicians will be going to.  

Standard Patient communication will be as follows:

“High” Level – will be communicated each month

“Moderate” Level- will be communicated every other month

“Low” Level- will be communicated quarterly

Chronic Care Management

Healthy PLUS - AWV

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Engagement Center